Its gonna be a long walk……


Break-ups are a bitch. You go into a relationship scare because you don’t want to get hurt, you don’t want to look stupid in the end. Why is it we hold on to our heart so tightly in the beginning and when they leave we want to show them how much we care? Why do we have to play games in the beginning of a relationship, why can we just be real with each other? Why do we lead people we don’t really care about on? But people we wish the world for we show no type of remorse?

Why? Because we don’t trust ourselves. We are so afraid to commit to our heart and trust our instincts because our pride gets in the way. Break-ups are a sweet bitch. Why? Because afterwards when we are by ourselves we focus on what we really want out of life and not what we just got finish settling for. It gonna be a long walk. Its gonna be a long walk. Its gonna be a long walk. But when I come to that fork in the road, I know where to turn, I know what direction is right for my life, where my happiness will ultimately be. I’m not afraid of long walks and I am not afraid of a love lost.


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