New Beginnings…..

This is my first blog site, soooooo here we go.

My name is Robyn, I am from Atlanta, Ga. I attend Hampton University, JR, 21 years young, zodiac is cancer, I love food, I swim, I dance, and I draw (all in one damn breath). I am a silly person but yet mature for my age, thanks to me being the youngest child. Just like everybody else I feel as though my life should be a movie or documentary except my life will have you cry and laugh at the same damn time. I will become a phenomenal doctor and I will be a graduate of Morehouse Medical School. As witty as I may be, I am a geek at heart. I love science and investigating the human life. I’m currently doing the workout INSANITY (yes I have to put it in caps cuz this ish is CRAY), but seriously this workout is no joke. Im going to keep you updated on my status to show people who are afraid and simply “lazy’ that they can do this.

This is me, Welcome to my mind…..


About robismiscellaneous

Im just me. different.

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